A new contractor has been appointed to clean communal areas in the Council’s housing blocks.

AAFD Services, based in Coalville, Leicestershire, has been appointed to clean the areas following a procurement and evaluation process involving officers and a tenant member of the Housing Management Advisory Board.

AAFD works with other local authorities on similar contracts.

The contract is based on a specification – a list of things that the contractor must do when cleaning the blocks. The new specification is different from the old one and we have listened to residents’ concerns over some aspects of the service over the past four years. Some of the main changes are:

  • All communal windows, inside and out, will now be cleaned every three months;
  • Hot water will be used rather than cold;
  • All floors will be left dry when the cleaners leave the block.

Residents can view the complete specification below:

Communal cleaning specification

The video below demonstrates how the AAFD team conduct the cleaning at council properties.

Please see below a list of all blocks that are cleaned, their normal cleaning day and when in the month they are expected to be cleaned.

Communal cleaning schedule

Tenants can contact AAFD Services directly on the following details to discuss any issues or queries relating to communal cleaning:

Email: support@aafd.co.uk


Call 03333 350591 – followed by option 1.  

aAFD staff are available for calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and a voicemail facility is also available, aAFD will aim to return calls or emails within 3 working days.

With all new contracts, there will be a period of adjustment and establishing the new service. We would ask everyone to be patient while this transition takes place, and if you have any issues or questions you can speak politely to the cleaners on site, or alternatively direct any questions to AAFD Services on the contact details above.

It is also important to make sure that there are no obstructions in halls, stairways and landings that might stop the contractors from cleaning the block.


The cost of the cleaning is recovered through a service charge, which is added on to tenants’ weekly rent. From 1 April 2024 this will be either £2.26 per week (charged over 48 weeks) for those receiving a fortnightly clean or £1.04p per week for those opting for a monthly clean. These new charges reflect the cost of the new contract for the year beginning 1 April 2024 and are a small reduction on current charges.

If you get housing benefit or universal credit you must inform the council or the DWP of this  charge since it will be eligible for both housing benefit and universal credit. 


There are over 260 blocks in the borough that have communal entrances, stairs and landings. Some of those have internal bin stores as well.

Over 1,300 tenants and 200 leaseholders are now having their blocks cleaned either monthly or fortnightly.

Although the tenancy agreement is clear that tenants are responsible for keeping these areas clean, only a small minority actual did so. In 2019 a cleaning service was introduced, paid for by tenants and leaseholders through a service charge. This approach was agreed by tenants groups and our tenant-led Housing Management Advisory Board.

Last updated: Thu 4th July, 2024 @ 16:35