You can claim Local Council Tax Support if you are liable to pay Council Tax on the property you are living in.

If you move to a new property, new caravan site or boat mooring please do not wait until you have received your bill before applying for this.

If you are not sure about your liability to pay please contact the Council Tax department.

Claimants will have to pay at least 15% of their Council Tax bill under this scheme which works out at about £2.80 per person per week. However, in cases of severe financial hardship, you may be entitled to further help.

Second Adult Rebate

If you are of pensionable age, share your home with one or more people aged over 18 and you are the only person liable to pay Council Tax you may claim what is known as Second Adult Rebate.

However these other persons must not be:

  • Paying rent to you
  • Your partner
  • Disregarded for Council Tax purposes

Local Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate is credited directly to your Council Tax Account.

More information on Council Tax Exemptions and Disregards

Council Tax Support Fund

The Government recognises the impact of rising bills and have announced additional funding of £100 million for local authorities to support the most vulnerable households in England through the Council tax Support Fund.

Charnwood Borough Council have been allocated £202,984 in funding to provide additional support to reduce Council Tax bills during the 2023-24 financial year, to households already receiving Council Tax Support.

Last updated: Mon 13th March, 2023 @ 11:09