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Discretionary Payments

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online forms. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to get the problem rectified as soon as possible.

If you are receiving Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax support but it does not meet your full cost then you may be eligible for a Discretionary Payment.

Discretionary payments will be made to you using one of the following methods:

  • If you are a council tenant it will be paid every week directly into your rent account
  • If you pay rent to any other landlord it will be paid with your existing payment
  • If it is to help with your Council Tax it will be credited to your Council Tax account and a new bill issued to you
  • If you receive Universal Credit you still may be entitled to these payments - you will need to claim for these from us.

The amount we offer each year limited by Central Government and once the limit has been spent we cannot make any new awards until the next financial year. If your circumstances change your account will be adjusted accordingly.

 How to apply

You will have to complete an application form with your reasons for applying. You may also have to provide details from your doctor, social worker or advice worker to support your application. We will consider each application individually.

To help us make a decision you should provide information like:

  • The health of you and any members of your family
  • Your family and financial circumstances
  • Your children's schooling needs
  • Any other information that you feel will be relevant to your application

You can apply online using the following methods:

You will need to include evidence to support your claim; we cannot process your application without this. Your evidence should be submitted with your application form or you can visit our Customer Service Centre to present them in person.

If you need help with this contact us immediately.

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