Local businesses can sign up to a Government app which carries real-time information from counter terrorism policing and contains all the latest protective security advice.

The Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) app, developed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, was launched earlier this year and so far has more than 10,000 users

The app, powered by Urim, is free for businesses. It is designed for use across business and industry, including the security, sporting and retail sectors.

Available from Google Play or App Store (search for Urim but you need to apply to register first – see below), the app provides access to:

  • Practical advice and guidance to help you protect your business, plus information on how to respond in the event of an attack
  • Information on CT Policing’s suite of ACT training products, plus access to the online e-learning package
  • Suite of NaCTSO guidance videos
  • Latest reference documents and publications
  • ACT online reporting form and confidential hotline
  • Emergency response and post-incident guidance.
  • Live-time news updates from UK Protect.

How to sign up

Download the Urim app in Google Play or App Store. Then email ct@highfieldelearning.com to request a user name and password.

Please note access is for business/professional use only.

More information

Last updated: Wed 11th November, 2020 @ 13:43