As soon as the nomination for the next Mayor is known they are asked to decide which charity or charities they would like to benefit from their appeal.

This year, the Mayor, Councillor Margaret Smidowicz's charity appeal will raise money for Men and Women in Sheds and The Swallows and Cancer Self Help Group.

The charity appeal 2023/24

Men & Women in Sheds

Men and Women in Sheds is for people who are 50+ and interested in learning or sharing skills in a workshop environment. The group is for people from all backgrounds and abilities. Some have been wood-working all their lives and others are complete beginners. Everyone helps each other.

There’s no fixed schedule or classes. Everyone can do their own project, whether it’s making a simple bird-box, a rocking-horse, garden planters, toys, furniture repairs or creating a fantasy garden combining pottery, wood-working and gardening skills.

Visit their website

Head & Neck Cancer Awareness, The Swallows and Cancer Self Help Group, Loughborough

The Swallows and Cancer Self Help Group support all people affected by head and neck cancers, patients, caregivers, friends, or relatives.

It is their intention for every person affected by head and neck cancer to have access to support at the point they need it, by the method of their choice, on a 24/7 basis.

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For more information or to make a donation

For more information about the Mayor's annual appeal, or to find out how you can make a donation, please get in touch with the Mayor's Office on:

Most Mayors choose charities with which they have some personal connection, but that should not stop other worthy causes from asking to be considered. All donations, no matter how large or how small are very gratefully recieved.

The best way of doing this is by writing to the Mayor's office before Christmas so that your letter can be given to the Mayor Elect as soon as their identity is known.

Last updated: Mon 25th March, 2024 @ 15:39