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The Mayor's charity appeal 2017/18

As soon as the nomination for the next Mayor is known they are asked to decide which charity or charities they would like to benefit from their appeal.

This year, the Mayor, Councillor Ranson's charity appeal will raise money for two charities: Myaware and The Loughborough Wellbeing Cafe.

The charity appeal 2017/18Myaware logo

Myaware is a National Charity supporting people living with myasthenia, a group of rare neuromuscular diseases characterised by fluctuating & sometimes fatal muscle weakness. The local support group meet regularly in Loughborough providing support, information and education, a lifeline for those living with the daily reality of myasthenia, and their carers, friends and family. Myaware also raises awareness and provides funding for vital medical research, with all funding relying entirely on donations.

The Loughborough Wellbeing Cafe delivers a monthly Friday eve wellbeing cafe for adults who experience mental health problems in Charnwood. It is a safe, supportive and welcoming place to go when other support services are closed. It operates a 'person centred' approach, developing regular activities in order to build confidence and resilience, reduce isolation, develop a peer support network and develop new skills.  A range of activities such as yoga, mindfulness, bread making, arts and crafts as well as providing a befriending and signposting service too.

For more information or to make a donation

For more information about the Mayor's annual appeal, or to find out how you can make a donation, please get in touch with the Mayor's Office on:

Most Mayors choose charities with which they have some personal connection, but that should not stop other worthy causes from asking to be considered. All donations, no matter how large or how small are very gratefully recieved.

The best way of doing this is by writing to the Mayor's office before Christmas so that your letter can be given to the Mayor Elect as soon as their identity is known.

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