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A new Mayor is chosen each year to fulfil two important roles:

  • To chair the meetings of Council
  • To be First Citizen of the BoroughMayor of Charnwood, Cllr. Brenda Seaton

Chairman of Council

As Chairman of Council, the Mayor is responsible for seeing that our meetings are conducted in a seemly manner in accordance with our constitution. They also carry a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

First Citizen of the Borough

As First Citizen of the Borough the Mayor acts as our principal ambassador and will attend around 500 engagements each year. This will include hosting annual events such as:

  • The Civic Church Service
  • The opening of Loughborough Fair
  • Welcoming royalty and distinguished visitors to the borough
  • Hosting receptions for local organisations
  • Launching our initiatives
  • Visiting local groups and companies at their invitation, often to mark a significant event

More information can be found by using the links below. If there is something in particular that you wish to know about the Mayoralty, then do not hesitate to contact the Mayor's Office.

Mayoralty links

If you are interested in the mayoralty you may also wish to visit these sites:

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