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Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) help local authorities deal with the problems of alcohol related anti-social behaviour in public places.

This order is not a total ban on drinking alcohol in public places but makes it an offence to carry on drinking when asked to stop by a constable or authorised officer. The aim of the PSPO is to prevent behaviour that has a detrimental effect on the quality of the life those in the locality.( ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014)

The PSPO areas for Charnwood are:

  • Loughborough Town Centre/Ashby Road Area

When might an officer ask me to stop drinking?

A police officer will have the power to ask you to stop drinking alcohol in the designated locality ( map attached) if in their opinion:

  • You are creating disorder or behaving in an anti-social manner
  • You are likely to behave in an anti-social or disorderly way

A person commits an offence it they fail to comply with a request not to consume  alcohol  or a request to made to surrender anything in their procession which reasonably believed to be alcohol or a container for alcohol.

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