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Anti-social behaviour

The Anti-Social Behaviour unit is able to deal with complaints from members of the public by working closely with partner agencies such as the police.

Report anti-social behaviour online

Tel: 01509 634 666

A home visit can be arranged for between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday and until 4.30pm on Fridays.

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What is anti-social behaviour?

Broadly speaking, anti-social behaviour (ASB) is anything that interferes with the peace, comfort and convenience of other people. Examples of the most common ASB problems are listed below.

  • Noise nuisance - rowdy parties,  abusive language, persistent car or burglar alarms, domestic abuse – physical or verbal
  • Nuisance from pets and animals - barking dogs, unsupervised animals, animals fouling communal areas, animal cruelty, keeping dangerous animals
  • Untidy gardens - Overgrown gardens, nuisance from bonfires, rubbish or vermin in gardens
  • Children and young people causing a nuisance - verbal and physical abuse, vandalism and graffiti, bullying, criminal damage, excessive noise from children or young people
  • Nuisance from vehicles - abandoned vehicles, excessive noise from vehicles
  • Harassment - verbal or written abuse, abusive behaviour, racism, threats of violence, physical assault, damage to property

Other types of ASB include rubbish dumping, criminal activity such as drug dealing, public disturbance, excessive numbers of visitors to properties

Dealing with the problem yourself

Before you report any anti-social behaviour, you should first decide whether there is anything you can do to sort out the problem yourself. Below are some useful tips to bear in mind when talking to the person causing the problem.

  • Try to stay calm and friendly – being aggressive is not going to help
  • Explain what the problem is, how you feel and how it affects you
  • Listen to the other person and try not to interrupt them when they are talking.
  • Try to stay in control and not be abusive
  • If the person is being unreasonable – leave the discussion

If the problem continues once you have tried speaking to the person responsible OR if the problem is so serious that you don't want to confront them, you should then report it and seek further help from an Anti-Social Behaviour Officer. 

Anti-social behaviour process (incremental approach)

Below are some examples of the interventions available to partner agencies tackling anti social behaviour.

  • Verbal and written warnings
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC)
  • Community Trigger
  • Community Protection Notices (CPN)
  • Legal intervention including; nuisance injunctions, Criminal Behaviour Orders or possession proceedings

For advice or information on anti-social behavior

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