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Food hygiene rating scheme

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This page tells you about the food hygiene star rating scheme and its application in Charnwood.

You can use the Food Standards Agency's website to Food Standard's Agency website find a food hygiene rating in Charnwood.

Aim of the scheme

The scheme provides public information about the level of compliance with food hygiene legislation for any particular food business. It is also hoped that the public release of this information will have the added benefit of raising food hygiene standards in food businesses across the borough.

Residents and visitors can check the food hygiene and cleanliness of a food outlet prior to purchasing food either on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website or by looking at the food hygiene sticker or certificate displayed at the premises.

The scheme includes all food outlets which prepare or sell food to the public, such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, supermarkets, bakeries, sandwich shops and delicatessens.

More than 1250 businesses have been graded across Charnwood and the hygiene standards rated on a scale ranging from zero at the bottom (which means ‘urgent improvement necessary’) to a top rating of five (‘very good’).

Food hygiene ratings explained

Use of this website will allow access to information indicating when a food business was last inspected by a Food Safety Officer and how it was rated for food hygiene. These inspections are normally carried out unannounced and the rating is indicated by using a numerical rating system from 0 to 5.

If a food business has been awarded zero it indicates generally poor standards of food hygiene whilst a score of 5 indicates excellent standards of food hygiene. The food hygiene rating for a food business is calculated using three different variables.

These relate to the level of current compliance with regards to food hygiene, the cleanliness and structure at the premises and the confidence in the management of the food business.

Food Hygiene Rating: 5

  • Performance level: excellent
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: very high standards of compliance

Food Hygiene Rating: 4

  • Performance level: very good
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: high standards of compliance

Food Hygiene Rating: 3

  • Performance level: good
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: good level of compliance

Food Hygiene Rating: 2

  • Performance level: satisfactory
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: general compliance

Food Hygiene Rating: 1

  • Performance level: poor
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: some non-compliance

Food Hygiene Rating: 0

  • Performance level: very poor
  • Compliance with food safety legislation: general failure to comply

It is important to note that the food hygiene rating awarded to a food business refers only to the conditions found at the premises on the indicated date of inspection.

It is possible that conditions at the premises could improve or deteriorate between inspections. Please also note that the food hygiene rating listed for any particular food business should not in any way be taken as an endorsement by us.

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