Before starting your application for a hackney carriage vehicle licence, we strongly advise you read the Council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy.

Step 1 – Taximeter (Grant vehicles only)       

All hackney carriages are required to be fitted with a taximeter installed by a Council approved taximeter installer.

The Council approves the use of two meter installers.

Please contact one of the installers direct. Payment is made direct to the installer.

A taximeter calibration certificate will be issued to you. Please retain this for the application process.

The taximeter fitted in a Hackney Carriage vehicle will be sealed and calendar controlled to the current tariff as set by the Council.

The Council has adopted the power, under Section 65 of the 1976 Act to fix the maximum fares for hackney carriages: 

A copy of the Council’s current tariff must be clearly displayed in the vehicle where it can easily be seen by passengers.

Step 2 – Certificate of Compliance (Grant & Renewal vehicles)

All licensed vehicles must be tested in accordance with the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy.

Vehicles must have a current compliance test certificate and be maintained in a condition that would enable them to pass a test at any time.

A vehicle must initially pass a Certificate of Compliance test (annual) and a further Certificate of Compliance test (interim) must be produced every six months as part of the Councils vehicle test requirements.

Under normal circumstances all the vehicles the Council licence would require an MOT as provided under section 47 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. Under the Exemption of Motor (Test) Regulations 1981, the Council has applied for an exemption for those vehicles licensed to exempt them to hold an MOT, if the vehicles have been issued with a Certificate of Compliance. This in turn provides a power direct to the Local Authority to test the vehicle.

The Certificate of Compliance which is then issued under sections 47 and 48 of the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1976 Act. If licence holders wish to obtain an MOT separate to that of the Certificate of Compliance, they may do so. It is worth noting that a Certificate of Compliance will not show your vehicle as having a valid MOT on the national recognised database.

A satisfactory Certificate of Compliance test, from an inspection carried out by a current approved Council’s nominated garage (s), must be produced for all vehicles.

An updated list of the current approved Council garages can be obtained here.

You will need to give the following details to the approved testing station when booking your vehicle in for a test

  • Details of the Proprietor/Private Hire Operator
  • Registration number of vehicle
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Vehicle Licence details (if an existing licensed vehicle) e.g. plate number

On attending the vehicle test, you must produce the following documents to the vehicle examiner:

  • Meter calibration certificate (if meter fitted) (grant vehicles only)
  • V5 Document in the applicant’s name or equivalent V5C and the DVLA demand scheme for fleet vehicles
  • Current Vehicle insurance

A copy of your Certificate of Compliance and supporting documents will be forwarded to the Licensing Section by the approved Testing Station.

The original Certificate of Compliance will be issued to you, by the approved garage. Please retain this for the application process.

Step 3 – How to Apply

Once the approved garage has issued you with a Certificate of Compliance you are now ready to apply.

Please complete the application form below:

Vehicle applications and supporting documents MUST be submitted by email only.

All scanned copies or photographs must be complete images, legible and readable.

Please email with the following:

  1. Each page of your completed vehicle application form. Signature and date must be able to be seen.
  2. A photo of your V5 Logbook showing all pages.
  3. A photo of your insurance certificate or cover note (at least 7 days cover), or alternatively ask your Insurance Company to send this to us on your behalf.
  4. A photo of your compliance certificate issued by the garage (valid for 28 days from the compliance pass date)
  5. On being licensed for the first time, a meter calibration certificate. 

Renewal Applications forms, supporting documents and appropriate fees must be submitted at least 10 working days before the expiry of your current licence.

On submitting information to the email address, you will receive the following automatic acknowledgment; ‘We have received your email and a member of the licensing team will be in touch with you within 5 working days.’

Your application will be checked to determine if correct and complete.

If correct and complete you will receive an acknowledgement email.

Any application that does not contain all required documents will be rejected and an email explanation will be sent to you.

Licence Fee

Please see appropriate fees.

Once your application has been received and accepted as correct and complete and you have received your acknowledgment email, a member of the Licensing Section will contact you to take payment over the telephone by Debit or Credit card. Please make sure that the Licensing Section has your correct contact details, i.e. email, telephone number.   Please do not ring us.

Step 4 - Outcome (Decision made)

You are only permitted to use the vehicle, as a licensed vehicle once you have received your licence document and the vehicle is correctly displaying all required livery. 

Vehicle signage requirements can be found below:

Step 5 - Outcome (Livery and Licence issued)

Once your licence document and plate livery has been printed, Licensing will contact you to arrange collection.

You will need to collect your vehicle livery and licence from Charnwood Borough Council, Main Reception, Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TX

Please attend the Council Offices Main Reception on the date and time given. Please do not be late. The appointment slot is for 10 minutes only.  A further appointment will need to be made for any no show.

When you arrive, please enter the Council Offices and queue up to advise your arrive at reception. Advise the receptionist you are here to collect your vehicle livery and licence from Licensing. When ready, you will be shown to the Licensing desk within the Customer Services area.

Any questions, concerns or need to re-arrange your appointment please email or telephone us (via the contact centre) 01509 634562.

Not Renewing - Notice to Surrender Licence (s)

If you do not want to renew (surrender) your vehicle licence, please complete a Vehicle Licence & Plate Return Form. Return this form to the Council Offices, accompanied by all vehicle livery. This means external plates (front and rear), internal plates, all door signs (ovals) and the vehicle’s paper licence.  Nothing should remain on the vehicle that would imply to a member of the public that the vehicle is still a working licensed car. We will update your records accordingly once received.

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