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Licensing, registration and permits

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There are a number of licensing schemes that may affect businesses and residents. Some businesses will need to have licences under more than one scheme - for example, a pub might need a licence for alcohol and entertainment and a separate permit to operate gaming machines.

We handle the application, monitoring and enforcement process but are also responsible for monitoring and enforcement if necessary.

Fees and enforcement

Fees are payable for most applications. The fees we set are reviewed each year and are usually updated from April 1. Copies of the current fees can be found on our licensing fees page.

The enforcement policies and service standards that cover licences, permits and registrations are currently being reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Regulator's Code.

Stage hypnotism authorisation

Charnwood Borough Council has produced the following licensing authorisation policy on hypnotism within the borough. This policy runs alongside the Hypnotism Act 1952 and requires anyone exhibiting, demonstrating or performing hypnotism to obtain authorisation from the council.

More information and how to apply for authorisation can be found in the documents below:

Other licensing related options


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