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Our health and safety enforcement policy

On Sunday September 20 between 4.30-6.30am customers may experience online payment disruptions due to essential maintenance taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Our Customer Service Centre on Southfield Road is now open for essential enquiries by appointment only. Please be aware that it is mandatory for face coverings to be worn on the premises. More information, including how to make an appointment, can be found in this news story.

The purpose of the following document is to state the Authority's general policy with respect to health and safety law enforcement to business in our area, following guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

The policy is based on the principles of:

  • proportionality (to secure compliance)
  • consistency (of approach)
  • targeting (of enforcement action)
  • transparency (of methods and organisation)

All health and safety enforcement action will be taken in line with this policy. We are presently reviewing our Health and Safety Enforcement Policy to ensure that they are in line with the Regulators' Code.  

If you would like to be consulted on the revised Health and Safety Enforcement Policy then contact the Commercial Group and we will arrange for a copy to be sent to you before the policy is finalised for your comments.

Sensible risk assessment

We have adopted the HSE's 'Help Great Britain work well' strategy. This strategy promises to protect people by managing risk in a proportionate and effective way, supporting innovation and increasing productivity. The challenge is to improve even further on this impressive record.

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