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Claim for two properties

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Housing Benefit is only usually paid for the property in which you are living, but in certain circumstances we can pay rent on two properties at the same time.

Change of address

If you move home your benefit will be cancelled from the date you moved out of your old address. However, Housing Benefit can be claimed on your old address for up to four weeks after you moved out if all of the following apply:

  • The landlord continues to charge you rent
  • You have moved into your new home
  • You can prove it is unavoidable to pay rent on both homes

Claiming housing benefit before moving in

If you have to pay rent from the start date of your tenancy but you do not move in until sometime later, Housing Benefit may be paid for up to four weeks before you actually moved in.

The delay in moving into your new home must be reasonable and due to:

  • The new home being adapted to meet the disabled needs of you or a member of your family
  • You were waiting for a decision on a Social Fund Payment to meet the costs of moving or setting up your new home and you have a child aged under six or you have reached pension credit age
  • You became liable for rent while you were in hospital or residential care.

Fear of violence

If you have left your previous home and remain absent due to fear of violence occurring either in your home or outside of your home by a former member of your family, benefit may be paid on two properties. This can only apply if:

  • It is reasonable to pay Housing Benefit for both properties
  • You intend to return to occupy your former dwelling as your home
  • There are other rules and you should contact us to see if these might apply to you

Students and trainees

Couples, one of whom is a student or trainee and have to live in separate rented accommodation, may be entitled to Housing Benefit for both properties:

  • It must be unavoidable to have to rent two properties and be reasonable to pay benefit on both homes
  • There is no time limit on the provision other that you or your partner must continue to be a student or trainee

Large families

If you have a large family and we have housed you in two separate properties because your household is too large to live in one property, benefit may be paid for both properties:

  • Charnwood Borough Council must provide both properties
  • Both properties should be close to one another
  • There is no time limit under his provision
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