Will the Hope Bell ring in the evening and how will you control it?

The chimes on the Hope Bell will be controlled electronically and therefore we can programme the chimes. We will have full control of when it sounds.

Will the Hope Bell be lit up in the evening?

Yes, the plan is to light the Hope Bell in the evening. While Queen’s Park is generally closed in the evening, the Hope Bell will be visible from Granby Street and should therefore improve the street scene.

Sometimes the park is open for events and again, the Hope Bell should provide an added feature when lit. We are investigating having lights which can change colour so it can be used to mark certain events or campaigns. It will not be lit up all night.

What will happen to the Swan Maze sculpture?An image showing how the Hope Bell could look when lit up in the evening

The plan is to move it elsewhere in Queen’s Park, but this has yet to be confirmed. We are clearly fond of the Swan statue and wrought iron gazebo, and we will find a new location so it can be enjoyed by others. We will consult with stakeholders. 

How did the consultation influence the project?

As an example of how the consultation has influenced the project, consultees wanted the Hope Bell to carefully balance the ‘gravitas’ of the mourning that has and will continue to take place as we come out of the pandemic with concepts of positivity and hope for the future. This has influenced the proposed materials to use on the structure with solemn Portland stone, sturdy beams of steel stand to remind us of the collective grief felt by society and bands of gold to embody the love we’ve shown for each other during the pandemic and hope for brighter days to come.

How much will it cost?

The Lanes and Links project including the Hope Bell will cost around £669,000 and all funding is being provided by the Loughborough Town Deal. The Council is also committed to spending around £236,000 on resurfacing 1.7 km of pathways in the park. 

Will there be any further consultation?

We have carried out a significant consultation so far to help shape the design and we have also gathered feedback on the design from stakeholders and people involved in earlier stages of the consultation. The feedback has been positive. We will continue to engage and consult with residents and stakeholders about the project when appropriate opportunities arise.

If you have any questions, email communications@charnwood.gov.uk

Have the bells been cast?

Two of the quarter chime bells have been cast. The rest are due to be cast at Taylor’s early in 2023.

Last updated: Mon 12th December, 2022 @ 11:48