The Living Loughborough Project will aim to rejuvenate Loughborough town centre as it recovers from the pandemic.

Supported by the Town Deal and led by the Council, this project will seek to make the town centre a more dynamic, pleasant, safe social hub where residents and visitors can choose to meet, eat, be entertained and shop.

They will do this by

  • creating an Urban Plaza with increased seating and dining areas
  • using semi-permanent stalls to encourage pop-ups and street activity
  • creating a multipurpose infrastructure to support markets, business, and community events
  • installing an undercover performance space with improved sound, vision, and lighting
  • promoting the town’s cultural heritage, use of apps, trails and augmented reality
  • improving lighting and CCTV to make the town centre centre
  • contributing to clean growth by reducing the need for people to travel to other areas for entertainment and shopping.

Last updated: Wed 27th April, 2022 @ 09:02