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Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan 2017

Masterplan 2017 coverThe draft Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan has been drawn up by consultancy firm Urban Initiatives Studio in partnership with Montagu Evans and it sets out a number of proposals to develop the town centre to ensure its viability and vitality in the future.

We have summarised some of the proposals but please feel free to read the complete draft masterplan.

We have also produced six consultation boards for an exhibition which is at the Council offices in Southfield Road. 

A consultation was held between August 9 and September 22, 2017 and a report will be going to Cabinet. 

The masterplan 

The proposals of the Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan fall into four categories:

The masterplan also divides the town centre into eight character areas.

Public realm improvements

The study has identified a disconnect between the pedestrianised area in market place and “key destinations” such as the Rushes Shopping Centre and Queen’s Park.
The masterplan proposes improving the following areas to make them more pedestrian friendly:

  • The Rushes (road not the shopping centre)
  • High Street (between Baxter Gate and Jubilee Way)
  • Baxter Gate (between High Street and Nottingham Road)
  • Biggin Street
  • Derby Square
  • Ward’s End

Improvements could include:

  • reducing road widths and widening pavements to give more priority to pedestrians
  • tree planting
  • use of public art
  • high-quality paving
  • decluttering streets and rationalising signage and furniture
  • reorganising some parking in those areas
  • more shared surfacing to indicate increased pedestrian priority

Loughborough Lanes Strategy

The masterplan also proposes a Loughborough Lanes Strategy to improve the side streets to make them more attractive for pedestrians, possibly through an increased use of art. Similar schemes have been used in other cities and the masterplan proposes linking up with Loughborough University and local artists.

The lanes include:

  • Town Hall Passage
  • Mills Yard
  • South Street
  • Granby Street to Market Street
  • Clay Pipe Jitty
  • A potential new connection through Baxter Gate
  • Brook Side
  • Rushes Shopping Centre

Cycling / walking

The masterplan proposes improving cycling/walking routes between the town centre and the university, railway station and access to Queen’s Park and Southfields Park.

Town centre to university

  • straightening the route to create a more direct visual and physical connection between Epinal Way, across the college campus to the residential area on Radmoor Road
  • tree planting
  • clear signage
  • consistent public realm treatment to emphasis its importance

Town centre to railway station

  • improved public realm treatment to enhance the pedestrian and cycling experience through raised tables at side streets, narrowing of junctions, improved signage

Access to Queen’s Park and Southfields Park

  • new proposed access to Queen’s Park from Devonshire Square via the Granby Street car park
  • new proposed access to Southfields Park from Southfield Road
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