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Funerals and cremation in Loughborough

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Loughborough Cemetery is managed by Charnwood Borough Council and is located on Leicester Road, Loughborough LE11 2AF.

The Crematorium at Loughborough is managed by a private company, Dignity Funeral Services 01509 230240

Opening times

The Cemetery grounds are always open for public access through the Leicester Road entrance, however, the pedestrian access from Epinal Way is restricted to office opening times.

For general help and advice about dealing with a death or bereavement please use the link to DirectGov below in Related Links or one of the other links provided.

Coronavirus information for funerals, burials and interments of cremated remains

Arranging a funeral, burial or cremation is a difficult thing to do at any time, and under the current circumstances even more so. We are working to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on bereavement services. Our cemeteries remain open and we have introduced the following temporary changes:

Further information

The Council building is closed to the public for all enquiries please telephone our Bereavement service team on 01509 634704. Attendance at funerals is now restricted to immediate family only.

Immediate family are classed as:

  • Spouse/partner
  • Parent/Carers
  • Brothers/sisters
  • Children and partners

The number of the above is restricted to 8 family members for any burial interments at the cemetery, in addition to the funeral director/ minister or celebrants. The number of the above is restricted to 2 for cremated remains interments at the cemetery.

At no point should mourners mix closer than 2 metres apart from each other.

Mourners should follow the advice on social distancing when travelling to and from the funeral gathering.

Mourners should avoid any direct face-to-face or physical contact, for example, hugging each other unless they are part of the same household, that is, they have already been living in the same house as each other.

Mourners in attendance, should follow the general advice on hand hygiene and preventing the spread of infection.

Mourners who are unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), or are part of a household with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, should not attend any gatherings.

In many situations the household members of the deceased person will be the next of kin; they may be having to self-isolate in line with household guidance. Where the funeral is scheduled to take place before the period of household isolation has been completed (14 days from the first case in that household), there should be no mixing between mourners who are self-isolating and those who are not:

  • Mourners who are symptomatic should not attend in any circumstance.
  • Until further notice you will not be able to pre-purchase a grave plot.
  • We are not currently offering appointments to meet a member of staff to select, locate a grave or memorial
  • You may not currently scatter cremated remains of loved ones with family and friends present

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation we will update you of any further changes.

We are happy to give guidance on these matters please do not hesitate to contact us on 01509 634704.

Muslim Burials

Numbers to attend burial

We know stating the number of individuals who should be allowed to attend a burial is confusing for many but due to government guidelines on social distancing the maximum number of 8 family members to attend, in addition to the Imam and a volunteer. 

This is in conformity with other cities for the safety of everyone. For additional information please refer to the Government website or MBCOL

Personal care of deceased people

Mourners are advised not to take part in rituals or practices that bring them into close contact with the deceased. Where there are aspects of faith which include close contact with the deceased, that contact should be restricted to those who are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under the supervision of someone who is trained in appropriate use of PPE. Detailed guidance on care of the deceased is available and should be followed, regardless of the setting in which personal care of the deceased is provided.

Given the very significant risk for vulnerable and extremely vulnerable people who come into contact with coronavirus (COVID-19), it is strongly advised that they have no contact with the body of the deceased. This includes washing, preparing or dressing the body.

Bereavement support leaflet

Please see the document below for guidance to support the bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic:


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