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Loughborough Masterplan: Traffic and parking

The masterplan proposes a number of changes to vehicular movement, including:

  • introducing two way traffic on Southfield Road (currently one-way). This would allow traffic to be directed away from Bedford Square allowing it to be transformed into an attractive public space while retaining parking facilities. The proposal would also reduce traffic in Woodgate and make it more attractive for pedestrians
  • restricting vehicles entering Ward’s End to give more priority to pedestrians
  • allowing Granby Street car park to be accessed from the west by way of Frederick Street (currently it’s one way from Ward’s End) to facilitate the restrictions of vehicles in Ward’s End
  • The masterplan identifies provision of a new car park at Baxter Gate as part ofa retail-led development that would also include some flats.

Cycle parking

Cycle facilities throughout the town should be improved with new covered cycle stands in Market Place, Granby Street, Bedford Square; cycle parking at Baxter Gate and Devonshire Square; replacement cycle stands in Market Place and Granby Street; replace cycle stands in Biggin Street and Swan Street with covered stands; remove cycle parking in Market Street and move to Ashby Square.

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