Charnwood Borough Council's Privacy Notice can be found below, divided by service area.

Key (Services)



Including Housing Needs, Housing Strategy, Private Sector Housing, Tenancy Management, Repairs and Investment, Leaseholders, Lifeline, Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.

Planning and Regeneration

Including Development Control, Conservation and Landscape, Building Control, Regeneration.

Regulatory Services

Including Environmental Health, Pest Control, Food Safety, Licensing, Street Management.

Cleansing and Open Spaces

Including Waste operations, Parks, Playgrounds, Sports fields, Cemeteries.

Leisure and Culture

Including Markets and Fairs, Museums, Town Hall.

Neighbourhood Services

Including Community Safety, Community Grants, Sports and Recreation, Children and Young People, CCTV.

Customer and Information Services

Including Revenues and Benefits, IT, Customer Services.

Finance and Property

Including Right to Buy, Procurement, Business Units.

Strategic Support

Including Audit and Risk, Legal Services, Emergency Planning, Land Charges, Democratic Services, Communications.

Electoral Registration Service

Human Resources and Payroll


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