We are producing a series of articles called Service Spotlights which aim to give people a better understanding of the services we provide as a council.

Please have a read of the articles below and we will continue to produce more.

If you have any feedback, please email communications@charnwood.gov.uk

Electoral Services – Working hard to support democracy in Charnwood

The Council’s Electoral Services team organises and facilitates all elections in Charnwood. Whether that’s local elections for borough, parish and county, referendums as well as general elections.

The team also keep the borough’s electoral register up to date. There are currently around 131,000 people on the register.

We had a chat with Elections and Land Charges Manager, Katie Owens, to find out more about the service.

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Eyes in the sky - how CCTV helps keep people safe

There are nearly 250 cameras which cover Charnwood and there’s a small band of dedicated operators who not only keep watch 24 hours a day but often turn super-sleuths to help police hunt down suspects.

The team are led by CCTV manager John and we also spoke to CCTV operator Mo.

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Licensing - keeping people safe and supporting local businesses

The Council’s Licensing team currently have over 3,500 licences on record. That covers everything from taxis and scrap metal sites to premises selling alcohol and betting shops.

There are over 50 different types of licences handled by the team (there are more in other areas of the Council) and while the most common ones relate to taxis and pubs, there are more unusual ones.

We caught up with the Licensing team manager, Grace Dowson, to find out a bit more about the service.

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