The Street Wardens role is a generic one which includes dealing with environmental crime reports and enforcement of on and off street parking in the Borough.

In the environmental crime side of their role they will give advice but they will also ultimately issue Fixed Penalties Notices (FPN) for Environmental Crimes.

The type of issues they deal with are:

  • Build up of rubbish on domestic/commercial properties (front and side only – EP deal with back of properties)
  • Littering from vehicles (issuing FPN)
  • Dropping litter
  • Dog control on public land (Rangers deal with green spaces)
  • Bins on street and side waste enforcement (after advice)

Environmental crimes

The Street Management team also has Enforcement Officers who investigate other enviro-crimes such as fly-tips, abandoned vehicles and business waste, on successful investigation they will prepare prosecution files for presentation in court/ or issue fixed penalty notices.

The issue of FPNs is not driven by financial gain, but they are a deterrent to reduce and highlight Enviro-crime. The Street Management Team also run education campaigns and initiatives to further increase public awareness of these issues.

The principle objective of reducing Environmental Crimes is to:

  • Improve and respect the environment
  • Improve the locality for residents and visitors
  • Increase community pride
  • Cut the costs of cleansing routines

On and off street parking

Leicestershire County Council are the Highway Authority and are responsible for on street parking, visit the Highway Authority website for full details.

The Street Management Team is not responsible for traffic management or traffic offences such as obstruction as these remain the responsibility of the Police.

We entered into a partnership arrangement with Leicestershire County Council (LCC) in 2007 to enforce parking contravention on their behalf. This new service is called Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE).

DPE authorises Local Authorities to issue parking fines for parking contraventions i.e. parking on double yellow lines, parking longer than permitted in permitted waiting zones etc. The principle objective of Civil Parking Enforcement is to:

  • Reduce Congestion, the use of fuel and harmful CO2 emissions
  • Keep roads free from obstruction
  • Ensure easier access for emergency vehicles
  • Ensuring turnover of parking spaces – therefore making more spaces available to the public
  • Through regular high visibility patrols create safer streets for pedestrians, driver and cyclists

Wardens use the latest equipment to support their roles including specialist radio equipment, linked to the CCTV control room and Body Worn Video which can be used to record audio and visual images in relation to incidents while on patrol.

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