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Our street management service is responsible for all council owned car parks and any enquiries should be directed to them.

For further information on parking please download the parking guide, produced by the British Parking Association and consumer group Which?

Parking enforcement is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council.

Our parking account

Below is the breakdown of income and expenditure on our parking account. The income includes revenue details from off-street parking and off-street Penalty Charge Notices.

This also includes a breakdown of how we have spent the surplus on our parking account.

Charnwood Borough Council parking places order

The parking rules and regulations, including how much we charge for car parks which are owned or managed by Charnwood Borough Council, are detailed in a legal document known as the ‘Parking Places Order’ below.

The current Parking Places Order was introduced in 2014 with a variation order made in 2017:

Useful information

The British Parking Association's, Your Parking Rights website provides useful information on why parking is managed, who it is managed by, what to do with a parking ticket and how to find good parking as well as information on parking signs. 

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