When you vote in person, you go to the polling station allocated to you based on your address on the electoral register.

Before you go to vote, check where your polling station is. It might not be the closest one to where to you live, and it might have changed since the last time you voted. You have to go to your allocated polling station, and you can't go to a different one close to where you work, for example.

Your polling station will be on your poll card, which you'll receive through the post a few weeks before polling day.

Polling stations are open 7am to 10pm on the election day. Staff will be on hand to help so please ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

Mandatory Voter ID Requirements

Voters in England need to show photo ID to vote at polling stations in some elections. For further details, click the button below:

Mandatory Voter ID Requirements

For more information regarding voting at a polling station, please visit The Electoral Commission.

Last updated: Wed 13th December, 2023 @ 15:19