Frequently asked questions about the Voter ID requirements for Temporary Voter Authority Certificates can be found below.

Frequently asked questions

I have not received my Voter Authority Certificate, what do I do?

We advise that you contact the Electoral Services Office if you have not received your Voter Authority Certificate within 28 days of application.

If you have applied for a Voter Authority Certificate by the deadline but you have not received it on this date, then you should contact the Electoral Services Office. We will be able to issue with a temporary Voter Authorisation Certificate, valid only for the specific polling day, which you will need to collect in person from the Council Offices (unless an alternative is agreed and arranged). We will notify you on where and at what times the temporary Voter Authority Certificate can be collected. This option will be available from 5:00PM, 6 working days before polling day and up to 5:00PM on polling day.

If I am issued with a temporary Voter Authority Certificate, do I have to re-apply for a permanent Certificate?

No. Temporary Certificates will only be issued if there is an issue with you receiving your permanent Certificate. If your permanent Certificate is late in the post, it should arrive after polling day and so no further action is needed. However, if the temporary Certificate was issued because the permanent Certificate was damaged on arrival, we will arrange for a new one to be printed.

5. Voter ID Requirements FAQ’s – Anonymous Electors:

I am registered as an anonymous elector; how do I vote in person at a polling station?

You will need to apply for an Anonymous Elector’s Document if you choose to vote in person. This is the only form of identification that you will be able to use in the polling station because your name does not appear on the register and therefore no other types of identification will prove that you are the correct elector. You will need to provide a photo as part of your application for an Anonymous Elector’s Documents.

You must present your Anonymous Elector’s Document in addition to your poll card in order to vote in person at a polling station. The electoral register number on the Anonymous Elector’s Document must match the electoral register number shown on your poll card to be accepted.

You do not need to apply for an Anonymous Elector’s Document if you are voting by post.

Can I use my Anonymous Elector’s Document anywhere?

Unlike Voter Authority Certificates, an anonymous elector registered in two or more locations, or one who moved local authority, will require a different Anonymous Elector’s Documents for each location. This is because the electoral register number displayed on the Anonymous Elector’s Document will be unique to each local authority that the anonymous elector has registered to vote with. Anonymous electors will need to make separate applications to each of the relevant local authorities. An anonymous elector’s poll card will show their electoral register number, so if they have multiple Anonymous Elector’s Documents, they will know which one they must use to vote in a particular location.

When do Anonymous Elector’s Documents expire?

Anonymous Elector’s Documents will be valid until the anonymous elector applied to renew their registration – at which point they will need to apply for a new Anonymous Elector’s Document as well.

The Anonymous Elector’s Documents will not display the elector’s name; this is replaced by the elector’s electoral number. Therefore, the Anonymous Elector’s Document will only be valid while the electoral register number it displays is allocated to the elector. Anonymous electors will require a new Anonymous Elector’s Document if and when they are assigned a new electoral register number. In this circumstance, an anonymous elector will not need to make a new application – we will issue you with one automatically.

I have lost my Anonymous Elector’s Document, what do I do?

If your Anonymous Elector’s Document has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged after 5pm, six working days before polling day then you must contact the Electoral Services Office as soon as possible. We can issue you with a replacement Anonymous Elector’s Document up until 5pm on polling day. We will inform you when and at what times the replacement Anonymous Elector’s Document is ready to collect in person from the Council Offices. You must bring your Certificate of Anonymous Registration upon collecting your replacement Anonymous Elector’s Document so that we can verify your identity.

Last updated: Mon 20th February, 2023 @ 15:19