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Top tasks:

There are 52 Councillors across Charnwood who are elected to represent residents in the 28 wards across the Borough. The Council’s policies on how services are delivered are decided by Councillors.

Most major decisions are made by the Cabinet, which is made up of Councillors from the majority political party. There are eight Cabinet Members, led by the Council Leader.

Meetings and decisions

In addition to those times when our council meets as a whole, some of the functions are carried out by our committees:

  • Executive functions are carried out by the Cabinet.
  • Regulatory decisions are taken by the plans and regulatory committees.
  • Scrutiny of how we are performing and of the decisions taken by the Cabinet is carried out by our scrutiny committees.

Meetings of our various committees are usually held in the main offices on Southfield Road or at the new Conference Room at Woodgate Chambers. Confirmation of meeting locations can be found on published agendas or by contacting Democratic Services.

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