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Sustainable residents

Below is some helpful information on how the residents of Charnwood can make their homes and their lifestyles as sustainable as possible.


In one day, Britain produces enough waste to fill Trafalgar Square to the top of Nelson's Column, more than 400 million tonnes in a year. Every household generates approximately one tonne of waste each year. For every tonne of waste we produce in the home, five tonnes is created in the manufacture of the products we consume.

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Make the switch - to a green energy supplier

One way of demonstrating your support in the fight against climate change is by switching your electricity supplier to one that supplies 'green energy'. A large number of electricity suppliers now offer electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro power.

Changing to a green energy can also save you money. There are a number of different websites which allow you to compare prices of green energy suppliers.

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