The cost of low-carbon technologies are falling fast and the green economy is expanding. 

Increasingly, the key challenge for governments - of avoiding high carbon lock-in - is one of strategic choice rather than affordability - Extract from the Chatham House Report February 2014

As a country, the UK is the world's seventh biggest energy user. Every year we use the equivalent of 4,000 litres of oil for every person and our demand for energy is increasing. More and more of our appliances are electric, battery or fuel powered.

Tackling climate change and living sustainably

Alternatives to the fossil fuels are all around us. Boundless energy can be harvested from the sun, the wind, flowing water and other natural sources. These renewable energies won't run out and what's more, they don't cause pollution.

As part of our commitments under the Climate Local Agreement, we aim to raise awareness of what help is available and what we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint. Our own contribution to reducing climate impacts is outlined in the Climate Local Action Plan

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