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Responsibility for making decisions on planning applications (in line with local and national policies) falls to the Development Management team. In some documents and guidance we may be referred to as the local planning authority.

Another area of planning which people may be familiar with is Building Control, which ensures buildings are structurally sound and built to required health and safety standards.

Other functions included in the Planning & Regeneration service are:

  • Natural & Built Environment: historic buildings, listed buildings and conservation areas, urban design, landscape design, tree protection and biodiversity
  • Planning Policy: the preparation of long-term strategic planning framework in the borough
  • Sustainability: support to people and organisations who live and work in the borough on living more sustainably

Guide to the Planning and Regeneration service in Charnwood

Planning GuideWe have published a detailed guide containing information about, and to raise awareness of, the work of our Planning and Regeneration Service. This also includes interactactive links to relevant webpages and forms which may assist you through the planning process.

View the latest planning guide online

Our Planning service also covers:

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