Dogs aren't solitary by nature - they need the security of a family group.

Pet dogs regard owners as a substitute family and can become distressed when left alone, but constant barking or whining dogs can cause a disturbance for neighbours.

Causes can include:

  • Loneliness or attention seeking
  • Boredom or frustration
  • Defending territory
  • Medical problems
  • Hunger or thirst

What action can be taken against the owner?

In law, persistent barking can be classed as a noise nuisance. The owner can be served with a Noise Abatement Notice and taken to court if the Notice is breached.

Before reporting any problems we recommend that you bring it to the owner's attention as they may not be aware of the nuisance and this should help to maintain neighbourly relations.

If you cannot reach an agreement with your neighbour or the nuisance continues then contact our Environmental Protection Team.

More information on barking dogs

Follow the links below for information on how to resolve barking and behavior issues in dogs, as well as find out more about other forms of noise nuisance:

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