A noise nuisance is a noteworthy and unreasonable amount of sound from a neighbouring premises. The nuisance could be coming from a domestic or commercial property and affects you and your life in a significant way which is more than a simple annoyance.

The main factors that officers and the courts will take into account are: 

  • time of day
  • location
  • duration of each individual noise event
  • volume of the noise
  • character of the noise
  • frequency with which noisy events occur

Report a noise issue online

It is not necessary for officers to take noise readings to establish if a nuisance exists, although sometimes this can help. On the whole the judgement of an experienced and independent officer is enough to determine if a noise is unreasonable or not.

What should I do if I experience nuisance noise?

If the noise is from a local event involving live music then please see contact details for the event organiser. We will normally display this information at the top of this page. 

If the noise is not in relation to a local event then in the first instance we would encourage you to discuss your problem with the source; they may be unaware of the nuisance they are causing and such an approach will help to keep good neighbourly relations and lead to a quicker resolution.  Advice on doing this can be found on the following fact sheets.

What if this doesn't work? 

Report a noise issue online

  • Tel: 01509 634636 (during office hours, Monday to Friday)

Please be aware that we do not receive anonymous complaints.

We will ask you to keep a diary in which we need you to record dates and times of when you are being bothered by the noise in question, which will allow us to establish if the circumstances are serious enough to take formal action and will be used as evidence if legal proceedings have to be taken later.

In extreme cases we do short-circuit this part of the procedure, for example if it appears that the noise is continuous or causing widespread disturbance which will not stop without quick intervention.

What if I am still not happy?

Where a complainant is not happy that we have adequately investigated the complaint they may either complain via our corporate complaints procedure or, following this, to the Local Authority Ombudsman.

For such a difficult area of law to enforce we take some satisfaction that about 60% of people who use our service tell us that we have either improved or solved their complaints.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a 24-hour service to react to complaints. Please contact us on 01509 634567 to make a complaint outside office hours. These calls are recorded by our contact centre and will be referred through to us on the next working day.

Upcoming events

The council receives a number of notifications about large weekend events involving live music at various festivals and licenced premises that have the potential to cause annoyance and disturbance to local residents.

The following table (if there are no upcoming events, there will be no table below) provides details about the upcoming events and the hotline number in case any resident/neighbour finds the event disturbing and wishes to report this to the organiser at the time.

Event details

Times of the event

Event telephone number

Barefoot Festival - Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Prestwold, Loughborough, LE12 5SQ

Event: Dance and yoga workshops, craft activities and live music

Friday July 30, 2021 starting at 2pm and finishing at 1am (Saturday July 31)

Saturday 9am until 1am (Sunday August 1)

Sunday 10am until 11pm.

Monday August 2, 2021 - Site closes at 10am


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