What is a noise nuisance?

A noise nuisance is a significant and unreasonable amount of noise from a neighbouring premises. The nuisance could be coming from a domestic, industrial or commercial property and affects you and your life in a significant way which is more than a simple annoyance.

Noise we can investigate 

We can deal with complaints about noise caused by:

  • TVs, stereos and gaming
  • DIY and car repairs
  • Prolonged barking dogs, cockerels and other domestic birds and animals
  • burglar alarms and car alarms
  • licensed premises, takeaways and other businesses
  • demolition and building sites
  • factories and industrial premises
  • loudspeakers in the street

Noise we can't investigate

We can't investigate noise problems caused by:

  • aircraft - you can report issues to the Civil Aviation Authority
  • trains and railways - you can report issues to Network Rail
  • emergency vehicles and traffic on public roads
  • roadworks and utility companies carrying out work in the street
  • people in the street, or from loud speakers used as part of a political demonstration
  • everyday activities, such as children playing in their garden, noise from a washing machine or vacuum cleaner (unless it is at an unusual time such as the early hours of the morning)

Please note: We are unlikely to deal with a one-off situation in a formal way unless the noise is exceptionally loud and is affecting a large number of households.

We often receive complaints about noise from people shouting, swearing, arguing and fighting. In some circumstances we may refer you to either the Police or the community safety team.

Last updated: Fri 28th October, 2022 @ 16:42