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Bonfires and Smoke Nuisance

Every year we get a large number of complaints about bonfires causing a nuisance to our residents. There are no byelaws that either prevent people from having garden bonfires or specify times when they can be lit.

In three quarters of cases, people do not know that they are causing problems others so be sure to politely tell someone if their bonfire is effecting you.

If this doesn't work then contact us and we will try to help using our powers under the Environmental Protection Act. We will write to your neighbour explaining the law and steps they can take to avoid needing to burn.

Use our online form to make a complaint about a nuisance bonfire or alternatively contact us on:

Tel: 01509 634636


We ask that you keep a brief log of each incident, such as the date, time and nature of the problem so we can better assess the situation.

Alternatives to bonfires

There are a few alternatives to domestic bonfires which are safer and have less of an impact to the environment. These are:

  • Composting (or burying) soft garden waste such as grass cuttings
  • Taking woody garden waste to one of the refuse amenity disposal sites (listed below)
  • Hire a skip from a private contractor for large amounts of waste
  • Our Cleansing Section provides a garden waste collection service through a brown wheelie bin system. They will also collect certain bulky items of household refuse. Tel: 01059 634563

Take rubbish to the tip

The tips in Charnwood are run by Leicestershuire County Council and are at:

  • Hathern Road site Shepshed.
  • Granite Way, Mountsorrel.
  • Railway Terrace Loughborough.

For more information about the sites visit the county council’s website or call them on 0116 305 0001

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