Residents in Charnwood can book a bulky waste collection online.

Collections take place every Saturday. Please ensure your items are out for collection from 6am on the Saturday of your collection.

Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis and residents can book collections using the online form below.

Apply for a bulky waste collection

Please read the terms and conditions of the service and consider whether your items could be of use to someone else. Items we collect are broken up and not re-homed, so if items are reusable it is much better for them to go to charities/organisations that can find a new home for them.

Changes to collections from Friday December 16, 2022

Please note that from 2pm on Friday December 16, 2022, we will be no longer be accepting the following items as part of the bulky waste collection service:  

  • Animal beds
  • armchairs
  • sofas
  • footstools
  • dining chairs
  • headboards.

In early December, Charnwood Borough Council received a letter from Leicestershire County Council advising that from Monday December 19, 2022 they will no longer be accepting these items at their waste transfer stations across the County.

This is in response to a piece of legislation being introduced by the Environment Agency that dictates that these items need to be collected and disposed of differently to other items we collect as part of this service.

Please be advised that this is a temporary measure whilst we review our options in the new year. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.


To help cover the cost of arranging the collections there is a £25 charge for each three items. For example: up to three items = £25, up to 6 items = £50, up to 9 items = £75. Maximum number of items per order is nine.

A three-piece suite will count as three items, as will furniture that comes in several parts such as corner sofas or bed, headboard and mattress these will also be counted as individual items.

There are no concessions available and no refunds are issued however in cases of exceptional hardship the charges can be waived. Read the full Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about bulky waste collection charges, head to our bulky waste charges FAQ webpage.


Collections are being collected on a Saturday until further notice, including on Bank Holidays.

All items need to be left accessible at the agreed collection point by 6am.

The deadline for requesting a collection is 2pm on the Friday before for online and telephone requests. Any requests received after 2pm will not be collected until the following Saturday.

Please note: Electrical, metal or heavy items are collected separately from other items but can be booked the same as any bulky waste collection.

Fridges and freezers

We can collect domestic fridges or freezers, provided they can be carried and moved by two operatives. 

We are unable to accept commercial fridges or freezers.

We do collect fridges from caravans if the caravan is your permanent residence however, we are unable to collect fridges from caravans that are used for leisure purposes. 

Small electrical appliances

If the item is broken beyond repair, you can take it to one of the local tip sites where dedicated bins for electrical items are available.

Alternatively, just as some retailers collect your old appliances for recycling, a number of them will also accept your old small electrical items for recycling when you buy new ones.


There are several recycling and disposal options for computers, but you must always take care to erase any personal data from them. The consumer organisation Which? has put together a helpful guide to recycling your computer safely.

If there is an item not on the list, head to the Leicestershire County Council's How do I dispose of... page for a full A-Z list of items and how to dispose of them.

Alternatives to bulky waste collections

The Leicestershire County Council-run refuse and recycling sites in Loughborough, Mountsorrel and Shepshed are now open.

You can find more information via the recycling and refuse sites webpage

Charities such as SOFAThe British Heart FoundationSue RyderLorosSense and many more can often arrange to collect your items for free, and all donations support their work in the local community. There are also a number of other reuse sites such as: FreecycleFreegleEcoBees that enable you to re-home your items.

Please note: Some of these charities may not currently be in operation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For further information and to find the details of other charities organisations please see the Less Waste website.

If you are having new items delivered the retailers will often take away the old item for recycling.

Please remember if someone takes your waste away for you and dumps it illegally, you could be the one who lands in court. Read up on what we call duty of care and the If Only campaign from 2018 which focused on stopping people illegally dumping their waste.

Leicestershire County Council has useful information on how to dispose of different products. 

More information on recycling and household waste sites in Charnwood

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