We have reached our limit for upholstered/soft furnishing bulky waste collections for this week. The online form will be available again from 9am on Monday June 24. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Residents in Charnwood can book a bulky waste collection online.

This means we can remove items such as tables, chairs, sofas from your property. A charge applies for this service.

We have recently had to make changes to the service due to national legislation. It means upholstered/soft furnishing items can no longer be collected as part of our standard bulky waste collection service. These types of items can contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs) which are a danger to human health and the environment.

We can still collect upholstered/soft furnishing bulky waste items, but they must be booked and collected separately.

Please note: Electrical recliners need to be booked on the standard bulky waste collection.

Below are links to book collections for standard bulky waste and then for upholstered/soft furnishing items.

More information about the changes and some frequently asked questions

There are alternatives to using this service such as by taking items to the local tips where they can be recycled or donating to charity. More information on alternatives to bulky waste.

Please note: Collections of electrical and non-electrical items (such as sofas and soft furnishings) can take place by different teams, so please do not report a missed collection until 7pm on the scheduled collection day.

Standard bulky waste collection

This is for items such as tables, wardrobes, fridge freezers.

There is a full list when you book a collection. If it is not on the list, we do not collect it as part of this service.

Collections are on a Saturday and items must but out before 6am.

There is a £25 charge for collecting up to three items of this kind. We can collect a maximum of nine items in one collection.

Book a standard bulky waste collection

Upholstered/soft furnishing bulky waste collection

This is for upholstered/soft furnishing items including:

  • animal bed
  • armchairs
  • chairs/stools
  • corner sofas
  • footstools/pouffes
  • futons
  • garden sofas
  • headboards upholstered
  • ottoman
  • recliner chairs
  • recliner sofas
  • sofa beds
  • sofa/couch/settees

Collections are on a Monday and items must be out before 6am. This will change for bank holidays and will be detailed in our Bank Holiday webpage at that time.

There is a £25 charge for collecting up to three items of this kind. We can collect a maximum of nine items in one collection.

Please note – electric recliners/sofas are classed as electrical waste and can be collected under the standard bulky waste service (see above).

What if I have items that appear on both lists?

If you have items that are classed as soft furnishings/upholstered and non-soft furnishings or non-upholstered, then you will need to book two separate collections and pay two charges.

The example may be a sofa and a table. They require two separate collections and the charge would be £25 for each (£50 for both).

We are having to collect the items separately on different days and the charges we apply are about covering the costs.

Read more in our FAQs

Exceptional hardship

There are no concessions and no refunds are issued, however in cases of exceptional hardship the charges can be waived.

If you have any questions about bulky waste collection charges, head to our bulky waste charges FAQ webpage.

Deadline for requests

The deadline for requesting a collection is 2pm on the Friday before for online and telephone requests.

Handy information

Fridges and freezers

We can collect domestic fridges or freezers, provided they can be carried and moved by two operatives.

We are unable to accept commercial fridges or freezers.

We do collect fridges from caravans if the caravan is your permanent residence however, we are unable to collect fridges from caravans that are used for leisure purposes.

Small electrical appliances

If the item is broken beyond repair, you can take it to one of the local tip sites where dedicated bins for electrical items are available.

Alternatively, just as some retailers collect your old appliances for recycling, a number of them will also accept your old small electrical items for recycling when you buy new ones.


There are several recycling and disposal options for computers, but you must always take care to erase any personal data from them. The consumer organisation Which? has put together a helpful guide to recycling your computer safely.

If there is an item not on the list, head to the Leicestershire County Council's How do I dispose of... page for a full A-Z list of items and how to dispose of them.

Last updated: Tue 18th June, 2024 @ 15:35