All charitable street collections in Charnwood must be licensed by us and your application must be made at least one month before the day you are planning to collect. 

We issue licenses for house-to-house collections, lotteries/raffles and street collections.


Application forms and guidance documents are available below. There is no fee for these applications.

Please read the policy and guidance notes before making an application. You should also check availability of dates before applying.

House-to-house collections

House-to-house permits are for door-to-door collections from homes or businesses.

Lottery licences

Lottery registrations are designed as a method of ensuring that lotteries and raffles are conducted properly and lawfully and that money raised reaches the organisation or charity on whose behalf the lottery or raffle is promoted.

Street collection licensing

Street collection permits are granted to allow organisations to collect money in the street (or to sell items for charitable purposes).

We restrict the number of street collections to one a day in each area and allow only one collection per organisation per year on market days.

Please note: The person(s) and addresses of which to return the completed forms can be found on the individual forms.

Last updated: Thu 29th August, 2019 @ 14:06