Below are some notes on the guidance of organisers of street collections and collectors:

  • No collection of money (other than a collection taken at an open-air meeting) or sale of any article shall be made in any street or public place within the borough unless a permit for such collection or sale has been obtained from us.
  • Applications for a permit shall be made in writing not later than one month before the date on which it is proposed to make the collection or sale
  • No collection or sale shall be made except upon the day and between the hours stated on the permit. We may, in granting a permit, limit a collection or sale to a certain street or public place that we think fit
  • No person may assist or take part in any collection or sale without the written authority of the person or body or persons to whom a permit has been granted. Every person so authorised shall produce such written authority forthwith for inspection by any Police or authorised officer on demand
  • No collection or sale shall be made in any part of the carriageway, street, footpath or any public place which may cause an obstruction or annoyance to the public
  • All collectors or vendors in a street must stay in the same place and no more that two can collect from one station. Vendors are not allowed to collect money or sell articles within 30 yards of another
  • No person under the age of 16 years shall act or be permitted to act as a collector or vendor
  • No collector or vendor shall use a table for the purpose of any collection or sale so as to cause or be likely to cause obstruction. No table shall exceed 30 inches in length and 20 inches in width when used
  • No collector or vendor shall use a box or other receptacle at the end of a pole intended to reach upper windows or the roofs of conveyances
  • No collector or vendor shall be accompanied by any animal, unless it is a guidance/assistance animal, or such animal is undergoing training for that purpose
  • No collector or vendor shall importune any person to the annoyance of such persons
  • Every collector or vendor shall carry and present a box, or other receptacle, which is securely closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent the same being opened without such seal being broken, and into this box or other receptacle all contributions shall be immediately placed.
  • A collector or vendor shall not carry or use any collecting box, receptacle or tray which does not bear displayed prominently thereon the name of the fund for which the collection or sale is being made, nor any box or other receptacle which is not duly numbered
  • No payment or reward shall be made or given either directly or indirectly to any collector or vendor or other person connected with the promotion or conduct of a collection or sale for or in respect of services rendered in connection therewith

Within one month after the date of any collection or sale the person, society, committee, or other body of persons responsible therefore shall contact: Charnwood Borough Council, Licensing, Southfield Road, Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 2TX.

They will need to include:

  • a statement on the form attached, certified by the Auditor of the Society or by some independent responsible person
  • vouchers showing in detail the amount collected and the expenses incurred in connection with such collection or sale
  • if required by the Local Authority satisfy them as to the due and proper application of the proceeds of the collection or sale

Last updated: Thu 22nd December, 2022 @ 11:40