Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, the Leader of Charnwood Borough Council gave the following statement at a meeting of the full council on June 26:

"Our thoughts are with the victims, families and services involved in the tragic fire in London.

"The Council does not own any high rise buildings. The Council has undertaken some external wall insulation at some of its houses in the past, but the cladding used on these properties is not subject to the checks currently being undertaken at the request of Government. The type of insulation used on the Council’s homes and the method of installation differ from that used at Grenfell Tower.

"However, to provide reassurance to tenants the Council is undertaking further checks of its properties to ensure that tenant safety is not put at risk. The Council understands that the insulation was installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and met the requirements of building regulations when it was installed. The Council has written to tenants at properties where it has installed insulation to provide them with information in response to any resident concerns.

"The Council does possess low rise blocks of flats and it understands if people are concerned about fire safety, and would reassure residents that there are a range of fire safety measures in place for their protection.

"The Council complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, undertaking a range of fire safety duties to ensure that its premises are safe.

"Through its specialist contractor the Council undertakes fire risk assessments at all of its premises where there are communal areas, and it works closely with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) to ensure that appropriate fire safety measures are in place. These measures include (but are not limited to):

  • suitable fire doors on all flats and in communal areas
  • annual testing of smoke alarms
  • monthly and annual checks of emergency escape lighting in communal areas
  • compartmentation to reduce the risk of fire spreading
  • monthly checks of the communal areas and escape routes to ensure that they are free from obstruction
  • suitable floor types at corridors and staircases in communal areas
  • no smoking policy in communal areas.

"The Council will continue to work with LFRS, implementing any new guidance that emerges as a result of the tragedy in London, to keep its tenants and their families safe."

Last updated: Wed 10th April, 2024 @ 14:45