Please note the application form is now on-line and cannot be saved and reopened and will ‘timeout’ at midnight. It is therefore recommended the application form preview is read and all required supporting documents and answers the to questions are prepared before the application is started. 

It is important you have all the information and documents to hand before you start filling in the application form; you will not be able to save the form and come back to it, so we advise you prepare your information before you start completing the form.

If you find it easier you can draft your answers on a word document and then copy and paste the responses into the online application form.

The application form consists of 8 pages, the first page is a guidance page with links to the relevant webpage guidance.

Below are the other headings for the other 7 pages and details of the questions.

Documents to be uploaded

You will not be able to proceed with your application until you have uploaded the documents detailed below.

If this is the first time you have applied for a Community grant, you will need to uploaded the following documents:

  • A copy of your governing document e.g., constitution / terms of reference / memorandum of articles.
  • Copy of your latest audited or independently examined accounts or twelve-month income and expenditure statement.
  • Two most recent bank statements from ALL accounts.
  • Working with children / adults at risk safeguarding policy or policies (if your project involves working with children and / or adults at risk).
  • Equality & Diversity Policy.
  • Health and Safety Policy (if you employ five or more staff).

If you have previously applied for a Community Grant you will need to upload copies of the following documents:

  • Two most recent bank statements for ALL accounts
  • Working with children / adults at risk safeguarding policy or policies (if your project involves working with children and / or adults at risk)
  • Equality and Diversity Policy

Guidance on uploading documents to our online forms

 Applicant Details

  • Name of contact for the Application
  • Position in Organisation
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Organisation Details

  • Name of the Organisation
  • Type of Organisation (pick from the list or describe if 'other')
  • Registered Charity Number if applicable
  • Details of website and/or social media sites (Max length 250 characters)
  • Main aim of the Organisation as stated in your governing document (Max length 500 characters)
  • Number of staff, volunteers, beneficiaries / service users accessing Services
  • Number of non-Charnwood residents accessing Services
  • Brief summary of the Services normally delivered by your organisation and what the main objectives are  (Max length 500 characters). Please include:
    • The types of service users you support
    • If your Organisation supports people from a specific ward / area in Charnwood
    • What specific issues you aim to address through your services

Your Project

  • Project Name
  • Amount of grant being requested
  • Brief description of the project (Max length 500 characters)
  • Explain how your project supports people affected by the cost of living crisis. Who they are and how they are affected.
  • Who will deliver the project? e.g., staff, volunteers, facilitator and their qualifications if applicable. (Max length 250 characters)
  • Number of volunteers involved in the project
  • Who will benefit from the project? (Max length 500 characters)
  • How many people are expected to benefit from the project?
  • Number of non-Charnwood residents benefiting from the Project
  • Where will the project take place? location i.e. Address / building type / indoors or outside etc. (Max length 250 characters)
  • Which wards/areas in Charnwood will the project support the residents of (tick list). Click here to view the ward map.
  • A brief description of what service /activities will be provided by the project: (Max length 500 characters)
  • How long will you work with your beneficiaries? e.g., number and structure of sessions / time frame. (Max length 500 characters)
  • Details of any organisations you are working in partnership with on this project. (Max length 250 characters)
  • Explain how you have identified the need(s) for your project, including: Consultation with beneficiaries / stakeholders / the wider community i.e., how you have identified demand (Max length 500 characters)
  • How is your project different from other similar provision? i.e., what is your Unique Selling Point. (Max length 500 characters)

The Council have identified key priorities and aims set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan. Applications should fulfil at least one of these aims:

  • Homes and Communities
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Economy and Growth

Our corporate strategy

Financial Information

A) Project Costs - Here you add the costs for the whole project including a brief description of each cost.  Please ensure you break down the costs by type and provide details, you can add as many as you need to.  E.g. wage/salary costs should include a detailed breakdown by roles.  (Max length 250 characters per cost description).

B) Project Income - Here you add the anticipated income for the whole project if the is any; including contributions from reserves, and potential / confirmed grant funding from other sources, you can add as many as you need to. (Max length 250 characters per income description)

Note: the form will automatically add in the Community grant figure you are applying for to the anticipated total Income and check the Total Income equals the Total Costs. (The totals must match).

  • How will you cover the shortfall if you are not awarded the full amount being requested through the Community Grants scheme?  (Max length 250 characters)
  • Bank Account Balances - Here you will need to add in some information for each of the organisations Bank accounts so that we can see how much surplus, undesignated funds you have. For each bank account you will need to add:
    • Account Balance
    • How much of the Balance is 'reserved' i.e., for the organisations running costs
    • How much is restricted funds i.e. Can only be used for specific things such as from other grant funding.
    • How much is ring-fenced expenditure i.e. For future running costs or building maintenance
  • Details of any previous Charnwood Community Grants received in the last 2 years; including the amount awarded, the Grant ref number, the name of the project that got the grant and if the interim or end of Grant monitoring reports have been submitted.

Project Timescales

Here you add an outline timetable for the project by adding the intended milestone dates with a short description of each milestone; including the project start date and end date (Max length 250 characters per Milestone; you can add as many as you need to).


  • The name of the person competing the form and their position/role in the Organisation
  • You will then be asked to confirm you accept the below statements before submitting the form.
    • I confirm that I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the organisation and that, as far as I am aware, the information submitted is true and complete.
    • Should we be awarded a grant we will make Charnwood Borough Council aware of any potential changes to the project as soon as we become aware of them.
    • The application is made on the understanding that, should our application be successful, the grant will only be used for the purpose(s) specified in the grant offer letter.

Once submitted the form will show you a confirmation page with the reference for you grant application that should be used in all future communication. 

A confirmation email with the reference number will also be sent to the email address supplied on the 'Applicant Details' page.

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