The Decent Homes requirements do not make the council responsible for work to leaseholders' homes beyond what is required in the lease.

So for instance, the council is not responsible for upgrading kitchens and bathrooms in your homes.

Equally, you will only be liable to pay for works to the fabric of the building and the common parts as required in the lease, and will not be liable to contribute to the cost of internal works to tenanted homes.

Examples of works that may affect you

  • Window and door/fire door replacement to dwellings and communal areas – if you already have approved UPVC windows they will be required to contribute to the cost of the replacement of any communal windows and doors only.
  • Communal area repairs including staircase works, footpaths and environmental works, painting
  • Roofing repairs/replacement including soffits, fascias and guttering
  • Security such as door entry systems
  • Insulation works

Examples of works you will not be entitled to

  • Kitchen improvements
  • Bathroom improvements
  • Central Heating installation
  • Any other internal property improvements

Costs and charges for leaseholders

Once a survey of the block has been completed you will receive a letter. This will be in advance of works starting and will tell the estimated contribution to the works and the landlord's reasons for doing them. You then have 30 days to make any written observations to the Investment Services Group.

Last updated: Mon 30th July, 2018 @ 14:49