We have worked closely with groups of tenant representatives to establish the best way of deciding the order in which homes will receive Decent Homes work.

The stock condition survey data we have on our homes, tells us that different types of works are required to be undertaken at different times over the next four years. This is generally based upon the age and condition of elements in a home (kitchen, bathroom, heating etc.).

The extent of work in homes

Different elements of work will be required in different homes in order to meet the Decent Homes standard.

Some homes scheduled for work may have already received responsive repair work or other improvements since our stock condition survey was carried out. All of the work due to be carried out in the programme is therefore subject to further surveys.

What does "target year" mean?

The "target year" indicated in the programme means the year in which we are currently planning to carry out the Decent Homes work.

A target year of 2022/23 means that we plan to carry out work in an area during the financial year of April 1 ,2022, to March 31, 2023. This means some homes will receive work towards the beginning of this period and some will receive work at the end.

Please remember that the timescale and type of any work shown may be subject to change to allow for any unforeseen circumstances we find as works are undertaken.

Last updated: Thu 24th March, 2022 @ 12:25