Below is a list of downloadable application forms and information related to building regulations. Alternatively, you can apply via the Planning Portal or use our online application form.

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Downloadable application forms

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Following the introduction of the Building Act 2022, all applications made after the 1st of October 2023 for regulated works, additional information will need to be provide as part of the Building Regulation process.

In addition to the application form, site plan, plans and other information provided as part of your application you will be required to provide the following additional supplementary information at various stages through the process:

When making your application

  • Confirmation that the building is not classed as a Higher-Risk Building
  • The height of the top storey of the building.
  • The existing use and proposed use of each storey.
  • The floor area of the proposed and existing building
  • The construction phase start date – this is the date at which works start on site. This should not include site set up, demolition or enabling works.
  • Building Regulations “Commencement” or meaningful start date, this is the date at which the works achieve a required threshold to implement the Building Regulations application as “commenced.”
  • Dutyholder notification:

For Domestic projects or customers, if the ‘Clint’ does not submit the application the lead designer or contractor submitting the application on behalf of the ‘Clint,’ must provide a Dutyholder notification to the Building Control Body.

For commercial projects or customers, the ‘Client’ shall provide a signed Dutyholder notification. This should include the current and any previous Building Control Principal Designer(s) for the works.

Further information is available on the application forms and the Guidance Note.

At Pre-Completion Stage

Note: This is when the work is complete on site but prior to the issuing of a Building Regulation Completion Certificate.

In addition to the usual commissioning and pre-completion information, all Building Control Bodies will require a “Compliance Declaration.” A copy of a blank Compliance Declaration form can be found below.

Each Dutyholder where relevant, must provide a statement of compliance for the areas of work on the project they are responsible for. Typically, the Dutyholders are:

  • Client
  • Principal
  • Principal Contractor

All compliance declarations should be signed by each person listed above where relevant and include the following information:

(A summary of the ‘Dutyholder’ roles and responsibilities can be found at:

  • Name, address and contact details of each Dutyholder
  • A statement by the client confirming that works are complete and that to the best of the client’s knowledge “the works comply with the applicable requirements of the Building Regulations.”
  • A statement by each Principal Contractor (or sole contractor) confirming the dates of their appointment and that they have fulfilled their duties as a Principal Contractor under Part 2A (Dutyholders and competence) of the Building Regulations etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2023.
  • A statement by each Principal Designer (or sole or lead designer) confirming the dates of their appointment and that they have fulfilled their duties as a Principal Designer under Part 2A (Dutyholders and competence) of the Building Regulations etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2023.

It is important to understand that if the compliance process is not completed correctly and in full, it may prejudice the Building Control Bodies ability to issue a Building Regulation Completion Certificate for the works in question.

Regulation 16(A) Completion Notice

For more information on building regulation application forms

Calculation tools and useful websites

Guidance on how to submit applications and plans via email

Building Control Fees and Charges Scheme

In accordance with the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 and LABC Member Guidance on the Publication of a Building Regulation Charges Scheme, Charnwood Borough Council is giving due notice of proposed changes to its existing charge scheme.

From May 1, 2023 the Building Control hourly rate will increase from £55 per hour to £65 per hour.

The charge scheme can be inspected on request by contacting our Building Control team at

Each Building Control application will based on the charges set out in the Building Control fee and Charges scheme, and where a fee is not specified in the schedule of charges the charge will be individually determined.

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