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Building Control

Most building works have to meet national standards known as Building Regulations for them to be legal. These standards cover design, construction and alterations and aim to ensure that any project is safe, healthy and convenient for everyone including the public. The Building Regulations are supported by Approved Documents, which set out how to comply with the Regulations.

Your first question before starting a new project should be do I need building regulations consent? Working without the proper consent may result in your building works being dismantled or demolished.

Making an application for Building Control

Once you have established that you need Building Regulations consent, you can make an application for building control either via the Planning Portal, by using our online application form, or by completing and submitting our downloadable form.

Our Building Control Service makes sure that all structures, properties or extensions are built properly, according to the Building Regulations.

Our team offer pre-application advice from fully qualified professionals, who can direct you through all stages of your application including when to contact us about inspections, demolitions or dangerous structures.

Before starting any work on your project it may be worth taking a look at these top 10 tips on finding a reliable builder and reading up on some of the other services and functions that we cover;

Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) works with building owners, home owners, architects, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe.

Their LABC Warranty offers a range of developer services to help support construction from start to finish while LABC Consult gives you easy access to all aspects of your planning process under one roof.

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