Under the domestic waste ‘Duty of Care’, householders are now responsible for ensuring that their rubbish is only passed on to authorised waste carriers.

Some people pose as legitimate waste carriers and then fly-tip rubbish that they have been paid to dispose of properly.

If any fly tipped waste is traced back to the household it came from, the householder could be fined. Therefore, if you use a waste carrier other than us to remove household, garden or construction waste you must carry out the following check:

  • Ask the contractor if they are a registered waste carrier and ask for their waste carrier number
  • Contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 and ask for an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check

Visit the Environment Agency website to do a check online

Householders are encouraged to think carefully about whom they give their waste to, and not simply choose the cheapest option. We will take action against any householder who has not taken reasonable measures to ensure their waste is passed on to an authorised person.

Waste carrier licences

You must register as a waste carrier, broker or dealer if you do any of the following as part of your business:

  • transport your own waste
  • transport or dispose of waste for someone else
  • buy or sell waste
  • act as a waste broker (arrange for someone to handle other people’s waste)

You can be fined up to £5,000 if you don’t register.

Applying for a Waste Carrier Licence

Last updated: Tue 19th April, 2022 @ 11:23