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Rubbish build up on properties

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A rubbish build-up is commonly referred to as an “Accumulation of waste”.

The waste is usually kept in the garden or yard and has built up over a long period of time.

The rubbish may consist of a number of items and the occupier may need advice or a notice to ensure they clear the waste. It is always best to speak to the householder first to offer them help or advice on collection arrangements.

After reporting a rubbish build up

If this does not help then you can refer the case to us for investigation. We will go to the property to check the type of waste, how much there is and how it effects those living in the area.

After initial investigation we will see if it is something we can deal with. Your case will be given to an Officer from one of the following services and they will provide you with feedback on the case:

  • Environmental Protection: Food waste, animal faeces, items that could be prejudicial to health
  • Private Sector Housing: Waste issues from houses of multiple occupation (Homes that have 3 or more unrelated people that live together)

Our cleansing services provide various recycling and waste collection services including domestic waste collection and recyclable domestic waste collections.

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