We recognise the Council is here to serve our communities and we are proud to do so.

We will deliver efficient and effectives services and our aim is to get it right first time.

We will:

  • deliver excellent services and achieve value for money through regularly reviewing how we work
  • embrace technology to make our services more efficient, saving time, money, and improving customer service
  • maintain the personal touch and people will always be able to talk to us face to face or on the phone
  • closely manage our budgets and performance and ensure governance arrangements remain strong
  • continue to develop a culture of high challenge and high support
  • communicate and engage with residents, businesses and stakeholders
  • explore all options for service delivery to achieve the best results for our communities
  • reduce our carbon footprint, increase efficiency and explore income generating opportunities aligned with our core values

Last updated: Tue 2nd April, 2024 @ 08:38