Message from Cllr Jewel Miah, Leader of Charnwood Borough Council:

I am proud to present this Corporate Strategy for Charnwood Borough Council which sets out our aims and ambitions for the next four years.

We will help keep our borough clean and green while leading the local charge to a net-zero future.

We will help deliver homes the borough needs while investing in our own properties.

The Council will also create a prosperous local economy that benefits everyone, and we will support communities.

All this will be built on a foundation of high-performing, efficient and effective services.

In this difficult and challenging local government financial landscape, we will manage our budgets carefully and we will not become another Council to spend beyond its means.

The Council will continue to be at the heart of our communities in Charnwood and we will work with residents, communities, local businesses, the voluntary and charity sector, and partners to achieve our ambitions.

Elected members and employees of the Council will work tremendously hard to deliver excellent services for our communities.

We will continue to support and develop the Council workforce and attract the best talent to maintain our high performance. We will utilise technology and digital services so people can access our services when it suits them.

However, residents will always be able to talk to us directly, either by phone or in person.

Through the life of this Corporate Strategy, the Council will ensure Charnwood is a place where people, communities, and businesses can thrive.

Cllr Jewel Miah, Leader of Charnwood Borough Council

Last updated: Tue 2nd April, 2024 @ 08:35