An aerial photograph of Loughborough town centre during the 2021 Loughborough Fair.

Loughborough Fair will return from Wednesday November 13 until Saturday November 16, 2024.

More details will appear on this webpage as they are confirmed.

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Photos from Loughborough Fair

Photos from Loughborough Fair 2023 can be found in the album below:

Loughborough Fair 2023 photos

Tour of Loughborough Fair

Check out our tour of Loughborough Fair 2023:

Interviews with showmen and showwomen of Loughborough Fair

Fair Showman David Wallis talks about bringing rides to Loughborough Fair for around 60 years.

Show woman Florence Barker has been attending Loughborough Fair for 74 years! In this video she talks about her favourite parts of the fair, why fair rock is traditionally square and can she sum up Loughborough fair in one word?

Local showman Darren Jones mainly operates children's rides at Loughborough Fair but also plays an important role in liaising between the Council and the showmen to help bring the historic fair to town each year. Hear Darren explain why Loughborough Fair has a special place in people's hearts and on the fair calendar.

History of Loughborough Fair

Fairs have been held in Loughborough for centuries, the first official Charter being granted to the Lord of the Manor, Hugh le Despencer, in 1221 by King Henry III. The Fair was then held on St. Peter’s Day.

Approximately 100 individual show people attend each year, presenting between them some 20 large rides, numerous children's rides, games and novelty stalls, and the usual popular refreshment stands.

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