This webpage provides information about Public Health Funerals carried out by the Council.

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Public Health Funerals

The below dataset contains details of all public health funerals the Council have carried out where no next of kin has been found. This information will be updated on a regular basis.

The following exemptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 2004, apply:

Section 31(1)(a) – Prevention or Detection of Crime

We do not disclose the last known address where this is a private residence as the property may be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased’s personal papers and effects. Advertising the address would leave the property vulnerable to crime; including anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, arson, identity fraud and crimes that can be committed using false documents.

Section 40(2) – Personal information of a Third Party

Disclosure of addresses may affect living individuals. We do not believe that living individuals currently residing at the addresses where the deceased persons lived would expect their personal data to be made available in the public domain without their consent.

Section 22 – Intended for Future Publication

This information will be published on a quarterly basis and therefore any requests for information relating to these matters will be refused as this information we be published at a pre-scheduled date.

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