This webpage is designed to help you find the information you want as quickly as possible, without having to submit an FOI request.

Please note that if you submit a request for information listed here we will consider this to be exempt under Section 21 of the act and will simply send you link to the relevant webpage.

Equally where we publish data on a stated interval basis (e.g. monthly or six monthly etc), we will not provide ad hoc updates as per the exemption under Section 22 of the Act – intended for future publication.

Also included on this page is the information we are required to publish under the local government transparency code.

Click on the links below to view each topic:

Animal establishments and dangerous wild animals

Business rates

Car Parking Locations, prices and statistics

Cyber security

Public Health Funerals

Taxi licensing

Empty Properties

Self-build and custom housebuilding

Expenditure Data

Procurement Data

Land and Asset Data

Organisational structure, salaries and decision making data

Social Housing Asset Value

TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders)

Local authority housing data - GOV.UK

Other information and GIS downloads can be found on the Inspire Downloads webpage, including:

  • Contracts Register
  • Staffing/ Organisation Chart/ Senior Staff Salaries
  • Self Build Register
  • Scrap metal licences
  • Environmental Agency website
  • Select the Scrap Metal Dealers Register and then enter ‘Charnwood’ into the Local Authority box.
  • Planning
  • Councillor Allowances
  • Elections including info on voter  ID
  • Levelling up fund
  • Food hygiene ratings and reports

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