Since 2010, we have held an annual garden competition for our tenants. 

Our competition allows residents to take pride in the community and showcase their impressive gardening skills. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Engagement Team on:

Garden Competition 2022

Entries for the 2022 tenant garden competition closed on June 3.  Judging will take place between July 11-15, 2022.

Categories for the 2022 competition are:

Best newcomer

This category is for competitors who have never entered the competition before. You can enter any category, but if you are a new entry, you will automatically be considered for this award.

Fruit or vegetable garden

If you have a plot in your garden, specifically designated for fruit or vegetables, this is the category for you. Greenhouses will be accepted but unfortunately, allotments will not be.

Hanging basket, window box and balcony

This category is for people who don’t have an outdoor space to call their own. With the little space some tenants have available they are still able to enter and create a wonderful space.

Sheltered court garden

This category is restricted to the fourteen sheltered courts across Charnwood.

Communal or shared garden

If you share any communal garden space with other residents and enjoy keeping the area nice, this is the category for you. It doesn’t have to cover the whole ground and can only be a certain area of the communal ground.

House or flat garden

If you have your own designated garden this is the category for you. We want to see how you adopt your own space and the thought behind it.

Previous garden competition winners

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