We would like to understand the housing issues that are important to you and your neighbourhood.

Customer engagement gives you the opportunity to influence the services that we offer and gives you the chance to make a real difference. 

Getting involved brings lots of rewards. You can meet new people, learn new skills and directly change how services are provided to improve homes and communities.

There are various events involving tenants that take place throughout the year.

Customer Engagement Strategy 2022-25

Read the Customer Engagement Strategy 2022-2025.

How to get involved

We aim to offer you a range of ways to have a say in how services are delivered and to influence how the quality of services is improved.

We will support you in any involvement opportunities and will reimburse any expenses such as bus fares or child care. We can also offer a translator service for meetings and assistance with transport for tenants with disabilities.

The menu of involvement leaflet below provides plenty of information about events, groups and forums that run throughout the year:

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about the opportunities on offer click the links below:

Tenant garden competition

Since 2010 we have held an annual garden competition for our tenants. Our competition allows residents to display their impressive gardening skills. There are six categories in total and the judges award first prize (£100 voucher), second prize (£50 voucher) and third prize (£25 voucher) in each of the categories.

This fund is open to tenants for financial help towards the cost of arranging an event, activity or initiative in your local community. You can apply for up to £200 towards the cost of a one-day event and up to £400 towards the cost of a longer-term initiative.

Tenant Networking Event

An annual event that provides council tenants and leaseholders an opportunity to drop in, have a coffee and a chat with officers and managers from a variety of services about housing options, repairs, services we provide and much more.

The estate walk provides an opportunity for tenants to meet officers from within the council and other agencies to discuss any issues they may have in the area.

The council has introduced a new communal cleaning programme to residents living in flats that share communal areas. We're looking to recruit tenant inspectors who can help us monitor the standard of cleaning according to our contract specification.

Council tenants can receive e-mail newsletter bulletins throughout the year that will keep them up to date with good news stories, new services for tenants and much more. Think of them as bite-sized versions of the Your Homes Matters quarterly magazine.

Your Homes Matter editorial panel

By being on the editorial panel, you can have a say as to what content appears in Your Homes Matter, the magazine that is posted to all council tenants and leaseholders four times a year. Please contact the Customer Engagement team on 01509 634955 or 01509 634679. Alternatively, you can email involvement@charnwood.gov.uk.

Tenant bids

The tenant bids fund is for the benefit of tenants and leaseholders who identify a project that will improve the communities where they live. The project should benefit the community and not just one individual tenant.

We provide training to give tenants the confidence, knowledge, and skills to have a say and influence with housing services. The customer engagement team may also be able to look for courses that would benefit individuals if they have a specific interest or requirement.

Resident groups

These are groups of residents who meet to look at issues affecting their housing service and their neighbourhood.

A community representative is a tenant of Charnwood Borough Council who lives in a village location or area, where there are insufficient tenants to form a residents group. You will be consulted about any potential changes to the housing service that may affect you and your community.

CHRF members ensure that we work with other service providers in Charnwood to strive for excellent standards in all housing service areas. It does this by consulting on topics such as policy and procedure; strategies; decent homes and capital expenditure; the tenancy support services; the empty homes procedure and value for money. The forum meets every six weeks and meetings last three hours.

Senior Citizens' Forum

The Senior Citizens' Forum (SCF) brings together representatives of all 14 sheltered courts across Charnwood. The purpose of the forum is to allow sheltered court tenants and CBC to work in partnership to discuss the services received by customers and identify areas where services can be improved to achieve an ‘excellent’ standard.The meetings take place quarterly and the courts take it in turns to host the forum. Meetings last three hours.

This forum is for leaseholders of Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) to be involved in the monitoring and review of all CBC-provided services. The forum identifies what improvements can be made to services in order to increase satisfaction amongst leaseholders. The meetings take place quarterly and open surgeries are also carried out. Meetings last two hours.

The council established this board to promote tenant and leaseholder engagement in decisions relating to the council’s housing stock.The board is made up of tenants and councillors. Meetings take place every two months and last two hours.

If you would like more information on getting involved, or have any ideas on other ways we could involve our tenants in improving and delivering our services, please contact the Customer Engagement team on 01509 634955 or 01509 634679. Alternatively, you can email involvement@charnwood.gov.uk.

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