We have put together a list of frequently asked questions in response to comments, questions and concerns raised following a public consultation on the proposed Hathern Community Woodland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Council deter motorbikes?

A new set of gates have recently been installed. These will permit use by pedestrians, mobility scooters, and maintenance vehicles but will make it difficult for motorbikes to access the site.

Will there be disabled access?

Yes. The new scooter friendly gates have been installed with a radar key to permit access by mobility scooters. However, the site is probably most suitable for the larger off-road type scooters due to the steep gradients 

Radar keys are available from Leicstershire County Council. For any scooter users experiencing difficulties using the scooter gate then a farm gate has been installed too. The padlock key for the farm gate can be obtained from the Council on 07808092065.

Will there be wildflowers?

The site already contains a limited range of self-set wildflowers.  The sowing of a new crop of wildflowers was considered but this would have required the destruction of the existing flora.  Gradually the trees will outcompete much of the ground flora but wildflowers will survive in the grassy pedestrian walkways between the blocks of trees, known as ’rides’.  

Will the badgers be disturbed? 

The badger holts at the top of the site will not be disturbed by the tree planting. The previous design included deer fences but even these would have included badger gates. Neither fencing or badger gates are required in the new design.

Will the hares be disturbed ?

Hares will not be disturbed by the tree planting. As the trees become established open spaces will still remain for hares.

Will the tree tubes be disposed of after use?

Yes, they will be removed from the trees and taken off site when they have served their purpose in establishing the young trees.

Will the site be maintained?

Yes, there will be a management regime that will initially see the trees weeded twice a year. Meanwhile, the ground flora between the trees will be cut annually to allow for weeding and to permit the replacement of any trees where needed. The grass tracks or ‘rides’ between the trees will be cut regularly through the summer to allow enjoyment of the site.

What has happened to the fruit trees and the pond that were features of an earlier design?

On closer consideration, the pond was regarded too difficult to construct given the site’s gradients. Meanwhile, there may still be an opportunity to plant fruit trees. This is being discussed with Hathern Parish Council.

Will the access be retained to the rear of Brunsleigh Croft to allow maintenance of the drainage ditch? 

Yes. A wide grass track will permit maintenance vehicles to reach the ditch when required.

Will the new trees overshadow the properties on Brunsleigh Croft?

The site has been designed to greatly reduce the possibility of overshadowing, particularly in this location.The Forestry Commission have walked the site with us and have recommended that a generous depth of smaller woodland edge species should be used to protect the properties from shading adjacent to Brunsleigh Croft.  This advice is reflected in a 15m wide belt of smaller species like hawthorn and hazel that will be planted as the leading edge of the woodland. The larger woodland trees will only be included in limited quantities 60 metres from the boundary fence.

Can the site accommodate horse riding? 

Unfortunately, the site is regarded as too small to provide facilities for horses as well as pedestrians.

Can the site accommodate mountain and/or BMX bikes?

Sadly there isn’t scope to accommodate mountain and/or BMX bikes within the design on the basis that the site is not large enough to accommodate a decent MTB trail and the open space within the woodland will not be large enough to accommodate a BMX pump track.

The amount of open space has been strictly determined by the funder and this means that the space provided in the design is really only suitable grass ‘rides’ between the blocks of trees. For clarity, these ‘rides’ are for pedestrians.  

Will there be picnic benches and an outdoor classroom?

The picnic bench and outdoor classroom ideas are great suggestions which may be ideas for the future once the trees becomes established.

Will there be parking issues?

The situation will be monitored, but the visitors to the site are likely to be similar to those who use it now so new parking issues are unlikely to arise. During tree planting, contractors will access the site at the top of the hill from Shepshed Road.

Any volunteer tree planters visiting during November and December will be encouraged to share cars and park at some distance from the site.

Last updated: Thu 17th November, 2022 @ 09:15